Los Banos Adventist Christian School
                            "Reaching For The Skies"


Los Banos Adventist Christian School is a private Christian school operated by the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  We have been a part of the community since 1950 and believe in having a healthy school day that is organized to include academics, art, music and physical education.  Our teachers create challenging and interactive learning opportunities for students.

LBACS has participated in a study assessing Adventist Academics called the Cognitive Genesis Study.  This study compares Adventist schools in North America to other public and private schools.  Students in Adventist schools surpass national norms on standardized tests for all subjects at all grade levels regardless of the size of the school.  Students across all levels of ability, on average, have higher achievement scores than predicted by their ability.

This study has also proven that the longer a student is in an Adventist school the wider the achievement gap.  Our teachers challenge students to continually seek knowledge and reach for the skies in all avenues of life.

In support of our mission, LBACS is committed to:

  • Creating a positive spiritual atmosphere in which students feel safe being themselves, asking questions, and learning about Christ Jesus
  • Providing dedicated and loving staff that are willing to put your child first.
  • Preparing excellent developmentally appropriate academic lessons that meet student needs.

Thank you for your interest in "Reaching for the Skies" at LBACS.

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      Providing Academic Excellence             In a Christian Environment
                        Grades 1-8