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Welcome to the Los Banos Adventist School.
We are a Seventh-day Adventist school located in Los Banos, CA
We provide quality Christian Education for Grades 1-8.
Our teachers are fully credentialed and
our program approved by the State of California. 
"In all grades, in schools of all sizes, students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average in all subjects." (CognitiveGenesis Study)


The Significant Role that Adventist Christian Education Plays in Child Growth

No consensus exists for what makes an effective school. Even well-recognized educational experts are constantly asking and debating what matters most and what works best. But perhaps the Adventist educational system could provide answers to the rest of the world if we shared the simple holistic educational model that we have used since the first school was established nearly 150 years ago. It is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual powers which perhaps would be described as “social development” today.  It could be that this holistic model holds the key as to what should be valued and deemed important to educators whether or not it is deemed “Adventist.”

For years, Adventist educators assumed that this model could explain the academic success of many students. But now we have the research to support it—the CognitiveGenesis study.  Physical well-being, however, is important to Adventist education, and our schools certainly have health-related classes and activities. 
We may need to work more deliberately with parents to help them understand the importance of harmoniously developing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social factors that creates the balance for their child’s future successes.  Such a step could lead to even higher achievement levels for children in schools, and it might provide an opportunity to strengthen families, schools, and even churches.

“The CognitiveGenesis study and my own research show that Adventist schools are producing young people who outrank their peers in North America.”
By Deloris Trujillo, Adventist educator for 27 years

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